Here is a list of classes I’ve done in the past. All of them are live video recordings of each class along with any supplemental material the students that attended live received. 
This class was a 4 part webinar series. If you have ANY interest in doing work in the video game field, this program is a must. We had 6 people who read each class. You’ll get to watch each class and follow along with the extensive 80+ page handout I gave the participants. Get a hold of the recordings of this course and you’ll help your voice over career take a massive step ahead if voicing for games is your interest.
For this class we had about a dozen people show up at BangZoom Studios in Burbank CA. It was designed as a master class to help VO artists improve the quality of their reads, in every genre. You’ll watch as I go around the room and back again, helping each participant to maximize their talents and abilities. This class is perfect for both beginners and intermediate voice over artists alike.
Promo work is a unique niche within the voice over field. This particular genre is super high paying for those who do it full time and a substantial payday even if you do it every once in a while, like I do. Not only is it lucrative, but it’s fun. This class will be held as a 4 part webinar series starting on March 20th. Click on the link to see the particulars about this event. 
Everyone in every field needs a coach if they want to get to the very top of their profession. Voice over is no different. But, if you’re not making a lot of money, paying for a good coach can be pretty pricey. This program was done live. I invited a number of my VO friends and clients to BangZoom studios in Burbank. I then walked them through copy and used their reads to demonstrate what I call my “Fennoyisms”. If you can’t afford a great coach right now, this is the program to get to learn how to direct yourself!
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